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The Dailies (Current Events)The Works of Satan

Fr. John Whitney Continues to Homosexualize Sacred Scripture

About 500 years ago Father John Whitney, S.J. would have been beheaded and burned at the stake for his heresies and blasphemy against the written Word of God, but today all we can do is feel pity for Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, for having to tolerate this Jesuit, and pray that he excommunicates him for continuing to lead Christ’s flock astray.

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Commentaries & Reflections on Readings at MassLectionary Cycle C

Jesus' Teaching on Preparing Ourselves Against the Coming of Satan

Satan is out to kill, steal, and destroy humanity one person at a time, but to kill and destroy us he must steal himself into our life; that is, he must first work himself into our home, and once he is in there his prime objective becomes to kill and destroy us. Do not be deceived or negligent in remembering this fact!

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500 Years of Protestantism

500 Years of Protestantism: The Culmination of it All . . .

As we approach the five hundred year anniversary of the Protestant reformulation on October 31, 2017, I am looking back to examine how that all worked for them. For this installment I’m jumping forward five centuries later to put on display the fruit of the ‘so-called’ reformer’s rejection of the authority of the Catholic Church, rejection of the Sacrifice of the Mass, rejection of the complete Bible, rejection the Apostolic doctrine, rejection of the communion of Saints, and rejection of Mary.

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Relationship, Marriage, Dating, & Sex

The History and Future of Redefining Marriage (PHOTO)

Here are a couple of photos that I threw together. The first one is a brief history of the number of ways that marriage has been weakened over the years through the redefinition of it, either directly or indirectly through its components. The picture under it is just a caveat to remind you that homosexual acts will NEVER be natural, inasmuch as so-called homosexual marriage may continue to become legal.

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The Dailies (Current Events)The Works of Satan

Exposing Father John Whitney's Horrendous Theology

Fr. John commits a heresy when he writes that it is a sin to deny that homosexual orientation is unavoidably rooted in our human nature. And it doesn’t stop there. He goes on in his article to proudly talk about how grand it was for St. Joseph Church to march in the gay pride parade in 2012. He easily dismisses the fact that there were sinful acts being committed during the parade.

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Human Dignity (Pro-Life)The Works of Satan

From Slavery to Abortion: 151 Years Under the Yoke of Evil

Under his authority as Commander and Chief, on January 1, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation executive order, which effectively ended the government’s tyranny of slavery in ten states. In the forty years since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973 over 54,559,615 million innocent children have been murdered in their mother’s womb.

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