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The History of the Catholic Idea of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and a Series of Propositions on how Two Become One Flesh

Using sacred Scripture, writings from the fathers, councils, popes, doctors, Catholic theologians and those who are opposed to the Catholic teaching on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, I intend to communicate the history of the Catholic idea of marriage and then offer a series of propositions on the role that grace and sacrificial love plays in husband and wife becoming one flesh through the Sacrament made specifically for it.

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The History and Future of Redefining Marriage (PHOTO)

Here are a couple of photos that I threw together. The first one is a brief history of the number of ways that marriage has been weakened over the years through the redefinition of it, either directly or indirectly through its components. The picture under it is just a caveat to remind you that homosexual acts will NEVER be natural, inasmuch as so-called homosexual marriage may continue to become legal.

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Jesus' Teaching on the Indissolubility of Marriage

What Jesus primarily does three things in His dialogue with the Pharisees in today’s Gospel Reading is: (1) Restore the true definition of marriage by reaching back to God’s original intent; (2) Restore the equality of spouses by raising the dignity of woman in marriage; and (3) By His word He promises to sustain and perfect marriage.

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NAACP Becomes Even More Irrelevant By Supporting Homosexual Marriage

Putting this more succinctly for everyone – In the wake of the Black community being decimated by fatherless homes, abortion, homosexuality, and HIV, here comes – out of their little irrelevant closet – the NAACP to support an agenda that is bent on making the condition of the Black community even worse. Rather to support policies and legislation that is geared to strengthen the family, protect women and children, and promote manhood, womanhood, and family, they go along with the DNC to tear it down.

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