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Fr. John Whitney Continues to Homosexualize Sacred Scripture

About 500 years ago Father John Whitney, S.J. would have been beheaded and burned at the stake for his heresies and blasphemy against the written Word of God, but today all we can do is feel pity for Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, for having to tolerate this Jesuit, and pray that he excommunicates him for continuing to lead Christ’s flock astray.

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Perspectives on the Papacy

Did Pope Francis Really say that People are Born Gay?

I think we all know by now that our Holy Father has a tendency to be less than precise with his theology when speaking off script to reporters who are testing him. Yet, what it appears he could be saying or could be taken to mean to be saying when he uses phrases like ‘being gay’ or ‘oriented gay’ is that a person being a homosexual is a foregone conclusion . . .

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The History and Future of Redefining Marriage (PHOTO)

Here are a couple of photos that I threw together. The first one is a brief history of the number of ways that marriage has been weakened over the years through the redefinition of it, either directly or indirectly through its components. The picture under it is just a caveat to remind you that homosexual acts will NEVER be natural, inasmuch as so-called homosexual marriage may continue to become legal.

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