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Perspectives on the Papacy

Did Pope Francis Really say that People are Born Gay?

I think we all know by now that our Holy Father has a tendency to be less than precise with his theology when speaking off script to reporters who are testing him. Yet, what it appears he could be saying or could be taken to mean to be saying when he uses phrases like ‘being gay’ or ‘oriented gay’ is that a person being a homosexual is a foregone conclusion . . .

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Catholic DadCommentaries & Reflections on Readings at MassLectionary Cycle B

The Audacity to Be the Father that God Created You to Be

It is the Theology of the Body and how we Cooperate with God when men accept their call to Fatherhood. Indeed, fatherhood is the highest form of masculinity – it is what every man has been created for, and must aspire to. And while ones life in fatherhood may not always be the direct result of his own seed planted in woman, it is still his natural calling to be precisely the type of father that called has called him to be.

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The Works of Satan

Satan's Chronicle and The Final Push to Tempt Humans into Self Destruction

Satan has a ‘Four D’ strategy – Distract, Divide, Dehumanize, and Destroy. He uses these three four military tactics everywhere – in community, Church, politics, and family. – See more at:

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