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Perspectives on the Papacy

Did Pope Francis Really say that People are Born Gay?

I think we all know by now that our Holy Father has a tendency to be less than precise with his theology when speaking off script to reporters who are testing him. Yet, what it appears he could be saying or could be taken to mean to be saying when he uses phrases like ‘being gay’ or ‘oriented gay’ is that a person being a homosexual is a foregone conclusion . . .

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Gay Protest at the Vatican
The Dailies (Current Events)

LGBT Groups using anti-Catholic Rhetoric and Klu Klux Klan tactics

The always victimized and always super sensitive Homosexual groups started crying and boohooing about how dare the Cardinal compare them to the KKK, and then the gay sodomy-enabling media then, as always, took up their plight and calls for Cardinal George to apologize have been played louder than the song ‘It’s Raining Men’ from San Francisco to Atlanta to Greenwich Village.

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The Dailies (Current Events)

Catholic Tonight: Why Did Dolan and the Bishops of New York Persecute Jesus Christ?

That he and the other Bishops of New York laid down for the radical homosexual agenda is a fact, but real question is why. Why did the Bishops of New York sell-out Jesus Christ? Why didn’t they fight for Jesus when it mattered most? Why didn’t they defend the teachings of our Church more courageously, why didn’t they lay down as martyrs over something worth dying over?

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