Feast Days, Memorials, & Solemnities

On the Virtues of Secret Servitude (Feast of Saint Faustina)

Today is the wonderful Feast of my favorite non-Biblical Saint, Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-38, Krak√≥w, Poland). She is most famously known amongst Catholics for her diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul and for the ‘Divine Mercy Portrait’ (as seen below), which Jesus Himself commissioned her to have painted in 1931, and went onto inspire Bl. Pope John Paul II to institute the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday (celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of Easter).

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This is Why Catholics Cannot Be Freemasons

The principles of the Masonic order plots against the Church because it teaches an alternative truth, but because truth is not a thing, but rather a person – Christ Jesus (Cf. Jn. 14:6), essentially, Freemasonry teaches another Gospel (not that there is another) (Cf. Gal. 1:6), but this is what it does. Sacred Scripture is clear in saying that the word of God is truth (Cf. Jn. 17:6) and the truth is what sets us free (Cf. Jn. 8:31-32). This is the mission of the Church – to guide us along the path to dwell in truth and freedom, but Freemasonry acts against that, by perpetuating a system of alternative truths and self-determinism.

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My Conversion Stories

The Story of My Conversion to the Catholic Church

In January of 2006, still restless over this issue of competing Protestant denominations, two questions arose in my heart that changed my life for good. The questions I asked myself that day were, “Well, what happened to the Church that Jesus started through his Apostles? What happened to the Churches in the Bible?” What basic and fundamental questions were these? I thought I was silly for not asking them a long time ago.

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