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PSA: Response to Black Democrat Scare Tactics

This is a video response to Black Entertainment Network’s (BET) 2012 Get Out the Black Vote Video Commercial/Campaign. I’ve been pretty annoyed with the whole attitude that BET and their parade of Black Stars that are attempting to fear Blacks into Voting for Barack Obama, and always acting defensive when other Blacks raise legitimate concerns about Obama’s policies or lack thereof. As if we need to support Obama no matter how inept he is, just because he is half Black.
Barack Obama is the worst President that this country has ever had and it’s time that Black people wake up and smell the coffee. He is not for us and His time is up.

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Book: Cooperating with God: Life with the Cross, by David L. Gray

Using sacred Scripture, writings of the saints, stories from his own life, and incorporating narratives from popular books and movies such as ‘The Matrix’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Forest Gump’, and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, David L. Gray lucidly explains how we can discern the will of God for our lives by following Jesus from the womb of Mary to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. This book is an instant classic in Catholic Spiritual literature and a must have for all Christians and Jews who desire to learn how to Cooperate with God more fully.

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