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These are my perspectives on various aspects of the Papacy – from Pope Benedict XVI to Pope Francis.

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Perspectives on the Papacy

Did Pope Francis Really say that People are Born Gay?

I think we all know by now that our Holy Father has a tendency to be less than precise with his theology when speaking off script to reporters who are testing him. Yet, what it appears he could be saying or could be taken to mean to be saying when he uses phrases like ‘being gay’ or ‘oriented gay’ is that a person being a homosexual is a foregone conclusion . . .

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Perspectives on the Papacy

The New Papal Diet – From Benedict Steak to Francis Milk

Whereas, Benedict sought to challenge us to grow closer to Christ through a deeper encounter of Him in the Gospels, Francis is challenging us to grow closer to the Lord through a deeper and more meaningful encounter with Him in the needs of our neighbor. – See more at:

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Five Fun Things To Do During Sede Vacante

I came up with five other fun things that we Catholics can do in between getting headaches as we hear the latest liberal ranting about how the Catholic Church needs to change and accommodate the immoralities and bad theology of modern popular culture. You don’t have to do all of these things at once if you don’t want, or even in this order, but if you don’t do at least one you’ll wish you do once Sede Vacante is over. 😀

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Perspectives on the Papacy

Pope Benedict XVI Announces His Retirement: I'm Bummed

I’ve never met Pope Benedict XVI in person, but I feel so close to him. Hearing about his resignation has hit me even harder than when I learned that my own Father had passed away (probably because I was prepared for that news). I suppose I should keep in mind that I’m not losing a Holy Father, I’m gaining a new one. I’m going to spend this Lent praying the Rosary with the intention that God our Father sends us another just like him.

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