6556808MethodiusFebruary 14, 2014 | Saint Valentine, Priest & Martyr, Pray for Us! Saints Cyril and Methodius, Pray for Us!
This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.

  • Mormonism and the Question of Authority – Tim Staples
  • Did Tertullian Deny the Real Presence? – Shameless Popery
  • Cartoon on Protestantism and the Bible – Stephen K. Ray
  • Did Martin Luther Want to Start His Own Church? – Shameless Popery
  • Did Matthew Write the Gospel of Matthew? – The CathApol Blog
  • David L. Gray’s Self-Debate: Wrong Side of History Argument – David L. Gray
  • Responding to the Myth of Religious Violence – Dr. Benjamin Wiker
  • How to Respond to ‘The Pope Said Judge Not’ – Tim Staples
  • Remarkable Facts Concerning the Stigmata – Mystics of the Church
  • Canonization: The Rational Judgment of a Miraculous Cure – Kevin Aldrich
  • Did the Council of Nicea Admit “Remarried” to Communion? – Rorate Caeli
  • Can the Church Change Marriage? 3: Discipline – The Chairman’s Blog
  • The Right to Own Property is Important, but Not Absolute – Jason Hall
  • Things To Love About the Mass – Cynthia Trainque
  • What is the Point of Religious Education – Leroy Huizenga
  • NEW BOOK: The Protestant’s Dilemma! – Devin Rose
  • REWIND: Being Pro-Life Even When it’s Uncomfortable – Michael Lane
  • REWIND: Answering Two Objections to Aquinas – Trent Horn
  • VIDEO: The Conversion of the Workmaster Family – The Journey Home