St. Dominic of Silos
This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.
December 20, 2013 | St. Dominic of Silos (c. 1000-1073) Pray for Us!

  • How Not to Become Catholic – Booklet PDF – Jim Tonkowich
  • The Crusdades: Urban Legends and Truth – Doug Beaumont
  • When Did Jesus Know He was God? – Jeff McLeod
  • Receiving Communion from Priest over an EM – Dave Armstrong
  • What Are the “O Antiphons”? – Phat Catholic Apologetics
  • History of the Candy Cane – Donald Hartley
  • Theology of the Body, Holiness & Honor – Kevin Tierney
  • Defining Involuntary Venial Sin – Dominic Cassella
  • How Mary Refutes Protestantism – Nick’s Catholic Blog
  • How De-mythologizing Impacts the New Evangelization – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
  • Why Must Marriage be Consummated? – Cathy Caridi, J.C.L.
  • Did Paul Really Condemn Homosexual Acts? – Adam Bowers
  • VIDEO: The Conversion of Dean Purdy from Anglicanism – The Journey Home
  • PODCAST: Mary’s Painless Delivery of Christ Explained – Dr. Taylor Marshall
  • REWIND: My Conversion from Planned Parenthood to Catholicism – M. Archbold
  • REWIND: What’s up with the Girl Scouts? Pro-Lifer Must Knows! – Cindy Puett Adams
  • REWIND: Ten Tips To Help You Stay a Sane and Effective Catholic – Nicole DeMille