This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.
December 06, 2013, Saint Nicolas Pray for Us!

  • Answer to Claims of Christmas Being a Pagan Invention – Shaun McAfee
  • Was the Virgin Birth of Jesus Grounded in Paganism? – Jon Sorensen
  • Are you Saved? – Convert Journal
  • Does the Catholic Church Allow In-Laws to Marry? – Cathy Caridi, J.C.L
  • Refuting the Myth of the Invisible Church – David L. Gray
  • How Do Catholics Understand the Bible? – Mark Shea
  • Are We Still Under the Law? – Matthew Olson
  • Abortion Is a Threat to the Very Existence of the Nation – Agenzia Fides
  • TIMELY CLASSIC: How December 25 Became Christmas – Andrew McGowan
  • TIMELY CLASSIC: Salvation Army: Bells for Abortion? – Birgit
  • VIDEO: Steven Lawson – Catholic Convert from Agnosticism – The Journey Home