The Stupid Comment Award that traditionally belongs to US Representative Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Joe Biden has been taken over this year by none other than Georgetown University professor of sociology Michael Eric Dyson for a series of very odd strange sentences that he strung together on the MSNBC Red Ed Show, which was being guest hosted Joy Reid.

In responding to a question from Joy about whether it is fair for people on the right to defend their comments by stating that people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks would have agreed with them, guest Michael Eric Dyson said the most stupidest thing I heard in 2013. He responded:

First of all it’s scurrilous, but it’s the same as using Jesus, and making Jesus cosign all of the bigotry here. Jesus was a Jew, whom around a religion was made – so the antisemitism of many of the Christians is ironic to begin with; and secondly, the gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual stuff – look through the Bible. There’s a lot of interesting things. The same men who sat up in a Church with all men; ‘I put my God Jesus over all women. I love him more than I love her.’ Hmmm … Do you really? That sounds interesting homoerotic to people who are outside of your religious tradition. I’m not suggesting that it is, but I’m suggesting that there are some very interestingly narrative tensions within the Bible itself, and in Christianity beyond that.

michael eric dyson
At this point I should insert some fun facts. Dyson is a Protestant Baptist. He’s not a 12 year old – he is actually a mature 55 as of today. Despite his horrendous theology, you should know that he has taught at the Chicago Theological Seminary at one time. He is really best known as playing the role of the angry victimized Black man on television (primarily liberal oriented news networks). Although he has earned degrees from Carson-Newman College and Princeton University, his most demonstrated advance degree comes from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s school of race pimping and race baiting.
From the quote above, you may have also figured out by now that Dyson is a master of the Strawman argument. This dude will make up some stuff to be angry about! It’s pretty pathetic! In the instant case, his theology utter fails when he says that a religion was made around Jesus. Anyone who has taken time to read Matthew 16:18 knows that Jesus is the one who established a Church on Peter (Cephas); not the other way around. Then, here comes the blanket Strawman that accuses many Christians of antisemitism . . .
But what wins Michael Eric Dyson the 2013 Stupid Comment Award is the next phrase. He says that if you look through the Bible you’d find an all male church whose teachings proves that loving Jesus is gay. For his proof of this outrageous claim of an all male homoerotic church he doesn’t quote the Bible, but actually speaks in the cadence of a Black Baptist preacher to offer his Strawman quote, “I put my God Jesus over all women. I love him more than I love her.” Who has ever said this Michael? Wait … I know who said it! You said it! Then you took your own lie to argue against it; saying that the Bible and Christianity are homoerotic.
Really Michael? The Bible and Christianity have gay tensions? They’re homoerotic to outsiders? You’re stupid! Even when I was an anti-Christian Agnostic I didn’t think anything that stupid! Wow! I’m praying for you, but I’m also hoping that Jesus gives you the smack-down for saying these stupid things about Him and His Church. This was really dumb! Really dumb!