[infobox title=’Sister Lucia, Visionary of Our Lady of Fatima’]”The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. However, Our Lady has already crushed its head.[/infobox]
[dropcap]U[/dropcap]p until up now, the Pro-Life agenda has been centered on the protection of all human life, from the womb to the tomb.
Inasmuch the attention of most ‘Pro-Lifers’ and Pro-Life organizations has been centered on the defense of the prenatal child in the womb, true Pro-Life is concerned about the rights of all human beings to live out the potential and opportunities their whole natural life. The true Pro-Life cause is as just concerned with the end of abortion as it is with the end of capital punishment, genocide, euthanasia, and war. Even, while the unborn and defenseless child rightly merits greater attention than those who can defend and speak out, it does not mean that the life of a prenatal human has any more value than the life of a murderer on death row. As far as Christians are concerned, all human beings are not only creations of God, but that the Creator also desires for each one of his children not perish until they come into the knowledge of His love for them, through His Son, Jesus.
In the wake of more and more countries adopting marriage legislation, which allows people of the same gender to get married, those who champion the rights of all humans because of their belief in God’s natural and revealed law are going to have to face the reality of the approach of a threat to humanity far greater than anything that has yet to come.
If war threatens the rights of humans to live their whole natural life, then capital punishment is even far more dangerous than war, because at least those who fight wars may have the opportunity to live and to become better humans, but the person who is scheduled to die may have his life cut short before he has to opportunity. Similarly, if abortion threatens the rights of humans to live their whole natural life, then people of the same gender marrying is an even greater danger, because as long as children are being conceived there remains an opportunity for them to live, but what happens when there are no children being born because men and women are not marrying each other?
According to Kathy Belge (writer at About.com), over 20 countries in the world have adopted some form of legislation, which allows people of the same gender to marry. Not only are these, primarily European/Anglo, countries initiating and stimulating a culture that does not promote new life, they also happen to be many of the same countries that already have declining or near declining birth rates. Essentially, childless countries are becoming countries that promote even fewer children. This is the double-edged sword from which they will never be able to recover.
If the Pro-Life movement is going to transition to attack the greatest threat that humanity will face in the Twenty-First century, it is going to need to address this threat to humanity. They are going to have to spell out the threat very clearly – two men together or two women together are never going to produce new life. They are also going to have to make the choice for everyone clear – if we continue down this path of supporting and legislating behavior that threatens humanity we are going to self destruct. Moreover, they are going to have the paint the picture of the future absolutely clear – imagine a world in which a majority of the humans are engaged in a behavior that does not produce new life.
The new Pro-Life movement will have to transition from just holding public awareness events, such as marches, rallies, demonstrations, and standing outside of abortion clinics to making an aggressive proclamation and integration of the Natural Law into every aspect of civil society (e.g. law, education, government, and family).
It may very well be the case that homosexuality will never end. People of the same gender may always find a reason to engage in unnatural expressions of affection. Yet, if humanity is going to survive into the next millennium, those who believe in procreative humanity are going to have to fight the toughest battle ever known to this planet.